15-04 SOTU Festival: ★ Laura Agnusdei ★ Panenkov ★ PONI ★

SOTU Festival: Laura Agnusdei ★ Panenkov ★ PONI

Sunday, April 15, 15:00 – 17:00


SOTU Festival (Sounds of the Underground) is an annual alternative music festival in Amsterdam. SOTU has a passion for genre bending sound and performances – you can listen to noise, punk, folk, improv, rave, avant-garde and electronics.

15:00 – 15:30 PONI
According to Eindhoven Rockcity PONI – short for Person Of No Importance – plays dark, fatalistic tunes; sometimes out of tune, but always from the heart. Over the last two, three years he has released several online ep’s and two cassettes, one a split with Glice. Though he mostly acts alone, he has also co-operated with artists such as Rene van Lien (Feverdream, NeonRainbows, Jimmy Barock, et al), Marlon Penn and Orphax, constantly trying to widen his scope and broadening his sound beyond the simple nofi/lofi/noisy songwriter.

15:30 – 16:00 PANENKOV
Panenkov is the experimental electronic ambient moniker of the Dutch musician Marlon Penn. His involvement in music and arts goes beyond genre or discipline. After having toured as a solo singer/songwriter, a backing musician, a disc jockey and a dancer, he wanted to change his artistic direction towards complete expression in performing, involving the audience and their inner ear, being together in the uniqueness of the now. Ignoring modules, Panenkov uses pocket synths, reverb springs, tapes and effects to sculpt an acoustic realm that adapts to the spaces in which he plays, making every performance a completely different one. Panenkov is about creating a fully improvised show, where the inaudible, emotional frequencies from both performer as his audience serve as the main foundation for this highly personal experience.

16:15 – 17:00 LAURA AGNUSDEI
Laura Agnusdei is a classically trained saxophone player from Bologna, currently based in The Hague, where she is studying at the Institute of Sonology. Her electroacoustic compositions feature the saxophone as the main voice within sonic landscapes that shift between melodies and textures, the song form and improvisation, fusing acoustic, digital and analogue sound sources to create emotional states that change from track to track. Agnusdei is a former member of neo-psych quintet Sex with Giallone (Trovarobato) and now is touring around Europe with cult psych-rock band Julie’s Haircut (Rocket Recordings). “Night/Lights” is her debut solo release on cassette via The Tapeworm.

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