19-10 RUISBURO: Ayankoko/Gerri Jäger + moving sigils

RUISBURO: Ayankoko/Gerri Jäger + Moving Sigils

Thursday, October 19, start concert 21:00, € 7


Ayankoko/Gerri Jäger
Amsterdam/German drummer Gerri Jäger and French producer Ayankoko have been playing together for 8 years, as the trio Bandwidth (Ayankoko and Mathieu Garrouste) + Gerri Jäger. Together they released a tape in 2014, made during a residency in STEIM, featuring abstract landscapes, post-industrial and contemporary ambient noise music. Tonight, they’re trying out a performance as a duo for the very first time.

moving sigils
moving sigils is a project of digital artist / filmmaker Alexander Mangel and musician / composer Sjoerd Leijten, in which they develop an audiovisual feedback instrument. At the moment they are still in the middle of the creation and code process: at De Ruimte they will give a first demonstration of their system, in which audio programming environment SuperCollider, game engine Unity and radio waves are used.

moving sigils is made possible by the Creative Industry Stimulation Fund

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