19-5 TIJD


Thursday, May 23, music starts 21:00, € 9 / students € 6

Luke Deane
Sun Shy Boy
Bernard Hollinger
Oscar Jan Hoogland
Toby Paul
Bin koh
Abel Kroon
Zsóifa Paczolay
Circular Ruins
and more tba

there’s time and we are in no hurry, waiting for nothing to spontaneously happen. a temporary suspension from the causal time that runs outside and that topples over, outrunning itself and that keeps crashing and crashing and crashing on to what shore exactly?

from ten to ten to 22 to 10 it’s tradition; trading moment for duration, creating time through weaving or fermentation: silky smelly untimely time.

and have a rest, and dance
and have a rest and listen
lay yourself down

Because it is less difficult to endure a happening than to imagine it and endlessly wait for it to surface.

(club, ambient, lowercase, drone, performance, storytelling)

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