22-7 DE RUIMTE BUITEN: Omelette plays Ornette

DE RUIMTE BUITEN: Omelette plays Ornette

Sunday, July 22, 17, entrandce: donation

Omelette is a repertoire band. They only play pieces by Ornette Coleman, a musician that needs no further introduction. They focus on his more obscure compositions, from the ’70s and ’80s, mainly from Ornette’s group Prime Time. But some of the standards might make an appearance.

Omelette treats the compositions as a starting point for their improvisations. In no way they try to recreate the music, this is definitely not a cover band. Ornette’s compositions work particularly well when they’re interpreted in new and wayward ways.

Tobias Klein – alto sax | Jeroen Kimman – electric guitar & bass guitar | Jasper Stadhouders – bass guitar & acoustic guitar | Tristan Renfrow – drums

















photo credit: Raymond van Mil

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