26-02 RUISBURO: Gregg Kowalsky + Jon Porras

RUISBURO: Gregg Kowalsky + Jon Porras

Monday, February 26, first concert 21:00, entrance € 7


For more than a decade, Jon Porras has carved out a sprawling, emotionally evocative niche of sound using a variety of sonic elements and associations in his solo work. But Porras has also been associated with a number of celebrated collaborations, with musicians Evan Caminiti (as Barn Owl), Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Stephen O’Malley, and visual artists Paul Clipson and Wilhelm Sasnal. Tokonoma, released in November 2017 by Geographic North, serves as one of Porras’ most enlightened and enlightening works to date, touching on the dark, expansive tones explored on past releases and shedding light on Porras’ bright future.

Between growing up in Florida and landing in LA, Gregg Kowalsky spent a decade in the Bay Area. He completed an MFA in Electronic Music at Mills College in Oakland and recorded two solo albums, 2006’s Through the Cardinal Window and 2009’s Tape Chants. In his last few years there, he concentrated on installations and conceptual pieces, alongside his work in Date Palms, his duo with Marielle Jakobsons. L’Orange, L’Orange, released in November 2017 by Mexican Summer, is Kowalsky’s first solo album in eight years – sourced from analog synths and mixed on a laptop – and arrives in rays of sound that shine skyward.

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