26-10 SPACE IS THE PLACE: Punkt3 + Komorebi trio & Miri Lee

SPACE IS THE PLACE: Punkt3 + Komorebi Trio & Miri Lee

Wednesday, October 26, 20:30, entrance €8 / CvA €5


Tobias Pfister, Noah Punkt and Ramón Oliveras from Switzerland whoosh around issues within the limits of imagination. Not with words – with music – beautiful music – music that surrounds these three wonderful instrumentalists: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Contemporary Classical Music - Everything! Because the End justifies the Means: Twelve Tone Melodies vs. Jazz Harmonics vs. Pop Rhythm and vice versa.Tobias Pfister saxophone | Noah Punkt electric bass, composition | Ramón Oliveras drums, percussion

Komorebi‘ is the Japanese word for ‘light that shines through the foliage’. This light is ever-changing, depending on the weather, time of day, and many other things. As a trio. Matteo, Oene and Kenzo create different shades every time. Bright or dim, but always in transition. On this special occasion, Miri Lee joins them on stage. She’s a dancer and maker. Imprography is the title she uses to represent her research in choreographic methodology by using improvisation as a practice and instant composition in the performance. She has danced with Kenzo, but this will be Miri’s first encounter with Oene and Matteo. Let’s see what happens.

Oene van Geel viola | Kenzo Kusuda dance | Matteo Mijderwijk piano | Miri Lee dance

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