LIVE: Right on Mountain + Tamar Aphek

Sunday, February 28, 20:30, entrance € 7

Tamar 1
TAMAR APHEK is akin to artists that shatter expectations – balancing elegance and brutality, strength and fragility, ferocious metal and touching melody. These forces resound through Tamar and her band’s fascinating live performances. Tamar Aphek first came to prominence as the singer/guitar player of bands – “Carusella”, “Shoshana”, which were both known for turning every rock venue into a crime scene of volume, and ruthless energy. After playing hundreds of shows in Europe and the U.S, sharing stages with “The Editors”, “M.Ward”, “Deerhof” and more, Tamar makes a leap forward with showing great power not only as a shredder but as a talented songwriter.

In her new solo act, Tamar is accompanied by a jaw-dropping band and presents a shape-shifting collection of electric rock songs that carry raw intensity wrapped in a mesmerizing performance. In 2016 Tamar will be touring Europe and the U.S to perform her second solo album, which will be released in 2016.

Shaman Folk, a man and his guitar.
From the brothers who have brought you to the likes of heavy doomed out psychedelic sexy rock with sprinkles of Magik and wizardry of a modern affair… and yet another layer is being revealed as our more stripped down musical selves. It begins as Right on Mountain, a platform for things you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to and they get around to it.

better move your popotin!

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