28-3: SITP Wild Man Conspiracy Radio Days

Space is the Place: Wild Man Conspiracy/Michael Moore/Joost Buis -Radio Days + tba

Thursday, March 28, music starts 21:00, €8 / students € 5


Wild Man Conspiracy treks through the jungle of free music – wild untraceable free improvisations reach out to superhuman efforts. Tempi that break out, individual rambles, unruly treatment for instruments; these elements are keystones to a musical undertaking that can scarcely be compared with anything already done in this field. Jazznu.com (NL) / Rinus van der Heijden (April 2015 )

Their newest project presents music from the RADIO DAYS, and features Michael Moore and Joost Buis, two of the most influential improvisers in the Dutch and international jazz scenes. Their surprising repertoire comes from the beginning of the history of jazz, and was inspired by 19th century spirituals, and early New Orleans jazz and swing, made famous by musicians such as Kid Ory, Louis Armstrong, and Fats Waller. Blues-injected solos, and adventurous collective improvisation come into their own, and shine a new light on the New Orleans tradition. Dixieland in a way you’ve never heard before. RADIO DAYS will have you singing along, bouncing out of your chair and dancing in the street!


Michael Moore – reeds | Joost Buis – trombone | Guillermo Celano – guitar/effects | Gerard Kleijn – trumpet, flugelhorn | Joost Kesselaar – drums

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