29-2 SITP: Baars/Henneman/Brice + Nijdam/Purves/Scheen

Space is the Place: Baars/Henneman/Brice + Nijdam/Purves/Scheen

Monday, February 29, 20:30, entrance € 9 / CvA € 6

Baars - Henneman


Two of the most distinctive artists in the Dutch jazz and improvisation scene team up with bassist Olie Brice, a highly-regarded member of the London improvising community. Baars and Henneman share a long history and are renowned all over the world as a duo. No concert is ever the same but always a guarantee for some great improvisational music, and with Brice on bass, this night promises to be a special one.

Ab Baars – Saxophone/clarinet
Ig Henneman – Violin
Olie Brice – Double bass



Having worked together and with others in various in various arrangements, Nijdam, Purves and Scheen have performed as a quartet before. Now, stripped down to a trio, they’re coming to Noord for some impro jazz tunes.

Michiel Scheen – Piano
Jan Nijdam – Double bass
Alan Purves – Drums

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