31-5 SITP season closer: Naked Wolf + Van Veenendaal/De Jong/Gilbert

Space is the Place season closer: Naked Wolf + Van Veenendaal/De Jong/Gilbert

Thursday, May 31, music starts 21:00, € 10 / students € 6


Naked Wolf is what happens when five creative musicians dedicate themselves to a band focused on catchy song structures and an open, flexible mode of interaction. With equal doses of unpredictable riffs, infectious groove, gritty noise and heavy pop, the result is a primitive avant-garde music that is driven by momentum. Untamed and controlled at the same time, Naked Wolf’s songs balance expressive outbursts with moments of compact unison, free improvisation and fragile lyricism.

“an infectious, demonic set charged with wild, hypnotic rock energy and clever improvisations with rapid changes in mood and pulse” All About Jazz

Felicity Provan – voice, trumpet | John Dikeman – baritone and tenor sax | Mikael Szafirowski – guitar | Luc Ex – bass | Gerri Jäger – drums


After inspiring and fruitful meetings of musical minds and sounds in the back garden studio of Albert van Veenendaal, texts were found, written, plucked from the air, and some notes were set on paper to weave gracefully here and there amongst the intuitive and often surprising moments of improvisation. The journey continued with the obvious result being the desire to bring these stories and musical textures to a public. Improvised and slightly-composed musics that will tug at the heartstrings.

Albert van Veenendaal – piano, prepared piano | Tineke de Jong – Violin | Jodi Gilbert – voice, little instruments

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