24-09 SPACE IS THE PLACE: Marcos Baggiani composes and plays

SPACE IS THE PLACE: Marcos Baggiani composes and plays

Sunday, September 24, music starts at 21:00, € 7 / students € 5


Drummer Marcos Baggiani is a frequent guest at De Ruimte, playing in numerous bands and one-off improv sessions. Today, he makes his debut as composer. Over the last few months he wrote his first string quartet (with support by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten) that will premiere tonight, along with performances by two of Marcos’ own bands.

Umbrella Wettet
This string quartet came into existence in a rainy day, not so long ago.
Umbrella Wettet will be presenting pieces of George Dumitriu, Vera van der Bie, Marcos Baggiani and John Zorn. A torrent of music into your hears!!

Jacob Plooiviolin | Vera van der Bieviolin | George Dumitriu - viola | Florien Hamercello

Lily’s deja vu
“The themes are pushing, inspiring the improvisational work.
The aftermath is a fat and sneaky sound with great dynamic contrasts and a nice continuity in the solos… and they make room for even more intensity.” Ken Vos – Jazzism

Guillermo Celano – electric guitar | Jasper Stadhouders – electric bass | Marcos Baggiani – drums

The Ambush PartyCumbia
You stumble, you fall, but you never hit the ground. You are flying in between two beat and the second one never hits. This is the ridiculous dangerous sexy rhythm of The Ambush Party’s Cumbia.
“Impossible to predict, and impossible to resist” – Laurence Mackin, Irish Times

Natalio Sued – vocals, tenor sax, clarinet | Oscar Jan Hoogland – piano | Harald Austbø – vocals, cello | Marcos Baggiani – drums

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