Live filmed performance

Fragments of horizon is a filmed performance of fourty minutes, the closing piece of the exhibition Upside-down. It will take place at 16:30 sharp in Terminal, the entrance / exhibition space of De Ruimte. Upside-down took place in Fontrodona’s Artspace all through November, and consisted of works by Lieselotte Fontrodona and Marjolijn Rijks. They set out to investigate what lies beneath the horizon of the iceberg: reflections, values, numbers, measurements.

One of the pieces of the exhibition is an installation made of very fragile, colorful plaster moulds. These
moulds will be placed in a carrier cycle and transported through the streets of Amsterdam from Fontrodona’s Artspace to Terminal. During the transportation the moulds might break. Their transformation will be filmed by a camera placed in the bike, and screened live in Terminal and Fontrodona’s Artspace. The performance ends when the bike reaches Terminal.