Space Impro
ThuNov 30, 2023
De Ruimte at Sexyland World
Noordwal 1

Doors 20:00, Music 20:30 tickets 8-20 (Sliding Scale)
Tonight a Space Impro evening full of young, innovative, experimental improvisers, alternating between explosive music & otherworldly atmospheres.

Stian Westerhus is one of the most innovative guitarists in the world, since decades already.
This experimental musician from Norway manipulates his guitar like a futuristic sound
tapper. Teun Verbruggen is one of Belgium’s most curious drummers with a penchant for
improvisation. Not only are they together in the improv quartet Warped Dreamer, they have
now also released a duo album: Earthbound Monochrome.

Stian Westerhus guitar | Teun Verbruggen drums

Fear O’ She gathers a constellation of emerging and established improvisers around Tancrède’s compositions and concepts. The music merges contemporary classical influences with avant-garde rhythmical gestures and forms. Now speaking! At once violent or tenuous, improvisations converge towards sophisticated structures in turn explored, combined or deserted. In Search! In search for this unstable environment where act prevails, where the mute will of music takes over.

Felix Hauptmann – piano | Elisabeth Coudoux – cello | Marcus Wärnheim – saxophone | Tancrède D. Kummer – drums

At the crossroads of folk music, avant-garde jazz and free improvisation, Norwegian violinist Inger Hannisdal combines the use of prepared violin and extended techniques with longing, soaring melodies in her solo work. At times, the preparations make the violin sound industrial and metallic; other times it is flute-like and otherworldly. The open strings ring next to those that have been altered, calling on both the clear and the opaque, like watching tones through running water.

Inger Hannisdal – violin

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