FriMar 31, 2023
De Ruimte
Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam

Een innige verstrengeling van diner, dans, muziek, poëzie en theater. Een avond waarin een kakelvers seizoensgebonden diner en performances één worden. Slechts € 19,50 voor drie gangen en 12,50 voor alle optredens. Laat de kok op tijd weten als je komt!

An intimate entanglement of food, dance, music, (Dutch) poetry and theatre. € 19,50 for three courses and 12,50 for all the performances. An evening where a great, season based dinner and performances become one. Please contact the chef on time!


19:00: deuren open
19:00: start diner
19:45: aanvang eerste performance

DINER: Tim Sprangers / John Pastinaak
Zoals altijd kookt tim met groenten, kruiden en fruit van het seizoen en het liefst uit moestuinen in Amsterdam-Noord.

VOOR Loempia van prei, spitskool en dragon op rode kool, veldsla en balsamico

HOOFD Verse spinazietaart met gerookte uiconfit op wortelmousse, geroosterde bloemkool en hartige hazelnotencrumble

NA Rabarbertaart met limoen-amandelyoghurt

With mainly piano and flute, Kristján explores his relationship with Scandinavian jazz and interweaves it with his experiences from the Amsterdam jazz scene and improvisation tradition.

The program consists mainly of songs from Kristján’s new record “Stökk” and some brand new work brought together with improvisation. Music associated with a vast landscape, mountain peaks and the northern lights. Regardless of these soothing aspects, the music remains sharply whimsical and surprisingly in line with the Amsterdam improvisation scene.

Kristján Tryggvi Martinsson – flute, piano

Yagmur is a musician, pianist and performer. She did the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory, which is one of the few conservatories that conducts full-time music education starting from secondary school level. It brought her into contact with all sorts of talented and professional musicians. She is continuing her Master’s studies at ArtEZ. Her desire is to further expand her musical knowledge and perspective as a performer.

Yagmur Simsek – piano

Two dancers in an entwined embrace. Extremely slow, constantly melting deeper, moving as one, a transforming form. A form intended to touch the spectator, slow it down, and open the senses to the intimate subtlety of movement. A living visual work of art in which the bodies of the dancers are the material.

The Melting Body is an ongoing investigation into how we can slow down, soften, connect and merge in the macro and microcosmos of ourselves, each other and the world around us. It is a symbolic work, representing softness in times of hardness, love in times of struggle, connection in times of polarisation and touch in times of distance.

The performance is a living organism, it grows, develops, changes shape constantly. We have researched The Melting Body in various forms and shown it in dance studios, theaters and public spaces throughout the Netherlands.

performers: Eltjo Felix de Graaf, Anne-May de Lijser



is a teacher and a writer and a great smalltalker too.. Yael has a background in comparative literature (Utrecht University and SUNY Binghamton), specialised in cultural memory and landscape. She currently is a teacher/mentor in creative writing & storytelling.
Her debut novel will be out next year, both in English in Dutch and in various other languages.

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and our Spaceholders