Space Impro
WedApr 10, 2024
De Ruimte
Noordwal 1a

Doors 20:00, Music 20:30 tickets 10-20 (Sliding Scale) including sexyland membership, available at the link above or at the door.
A night with several generations of great & daring improvisers from different corners of the world, bringing their own influences.

Orè is Amsterdam based quartet that explores rhythms and melodies from the Brazilian Northeast tradition including Cavalo Marinho, Baião and Maracatu mixed with free improvisation. Members from 4 different nationalities; Pedro Ivo Ferreira (Brazil), Miguel Petruccelli (Uruguay), José Soares (Portugal) and Onno Govaert (Netherlands) (re)create a unique sound, exploring the simplicity and acidity of the Brazilian Sertão with the spontaneity of improvised music, creating spaces where each musician’s voice contributes to the collective narrative. With two albums, “Ore” (2021) and “Live in Portugal” (2023), Orè explores the relation between tradition and innovation, by using unison melodies and traditional rhythms as improvising platforms.

Ig Henneman is a renowned viola/violin player and composer, based in Amsterdam. She started her career as a classical musician in various orchestras and the ASKO ensemble. Her interest in improvisation increased as she joined trumpeter-pianist-composer Nedly Elstak’s groups. Subsequently she started leading groups under her own name, like a quintet, a tentet, a string quartet and a sextet. With these groups she tours extensively in the Netherlands and abroad. She runs the record label Wig with reed player Ab Baars, with whom she also has a long running duo. In addition to her work as a band leader-improviser Henneman has an international career as a composer of contemporary music. Tonight she will present a new solo!

Ig Henneman – viola

River Adomeit is a promising bassist and composer from Connecticut, USA. His playing reflects not only a profound love for American jazz, but also a genuine interest in diverse musical traditions from around the world. His creative and daring approach to composing and performing is most evident in his work as bandleader of Flatland Prayer, an improvisational chamber trio that explores boundaries in both composition and performance.

Beatrice Sberna (1998) is a young singer, composer and improviser from Brescia (Italy). She lives and studies in Amsterdam. She is an artistic person with a powerful identity who conducts research and experiments in various areas. Her main influences are traditional Italian music and jazz, and with her theatrical approach she creates new original music in which she pursues her own unique sound. Exaggeration, black humor and ugly sounds are always allowed. Beatrice is not afraid to use her own language

Tonight they perform as a duo.

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst en onze Spaceholders