Space Impro
ThuDec 14, 2023
De Ruimte at Sexyland World
Noordwal 1

Doors 20:00, Music 20:30 tickets 8-20 (Sliding Scale)
A diverse Space Impro night with mostly new work: a soloist and a recently formed 9-piece ensemble performing their mix of jazz, improvisation & music based on folk traditions.

Saturno Santos is composer Gabriel de Oliveiras heteronym, and an imagined presence sprouting from the Great Archive of Dreams, Memories and Intuitions within each of us. Its first material incarnation, Something, takes form as a 9-piece rotating ensemble of young talents versed in multifaceted languages of jazz, improvisation, folk traditions and cultures of several territories and diasporas. Saturno Santos explosive grooves and fluidly improvisational songwriting paint a ritual of transformation: collectively naming the ineffable through song.

Chen Har-Even – drums | Niels Luteijn – drums | Zenzele Mthembu-Salter – bass | Chaerin Im – piano, keys |
Alkistis Misouli – viola; Lezaam Beets – trombone | Helena Casella – vocals | Beatrice Sberna – vocals | Gabriel
de Oliveira – guitar, vocals

Amalie Dahl is a Danish saxophone player, composer and bandleader, currently based in Oslo (Norway). She is known for having a distinct sound and strong integrity both as an improviser and a composer. She ended her education at the Jazz department at NTNU in Trondheim in 2021. The year after she released her first album as a bandleader, Dafnie, on Sonic Transmissions Records, which has received excellent reviews. Since then the band has been touring in Scandinavia, Poland and Germany. She is also playing with several other projects like SUPERSPREDER, Dahl/Dalen/Svik, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Hedvig Mollestads Tempest Revisited. On September 1st 2023 her first solo record, Memories, was released on Sonic Transmissions Records.

Amalie Dahl – Saxophone

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