Spaceholders Dinner
FriApr 7, 2023
De Ruimte
Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam

Doors open 18:30, dinner starts 19:00, entrance 25,-
Three course dinner and three short concerts by Marielle Groven (violin) and Aaron Lumley (double bass)

These months are dedicated to our search for Spaceholders. By being a Spaceholder you help us finance all the music and art that happens on our stage. This is part of a bigger effort to rely more on the public and less on subsidies. Of course we offer something in return! Check out the full story here if you’d like to become a Spaceholder or find out more about the how and the why. The Spaceholder’s dinner is the kickoff of our campaign.

We invite everyone to join us for three delicious seasonal vegetable based courses by chef Bogdan Koetsier and music by Marielle Groven and Aaron Lumley. Both will play a short solo, and finish the evening with a duo concert.

Canadian composer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist Marielle Groven has been living in Amsterdam since 2019. The musical diversity she encountered in the city’s international free improvised music scene inspired her to embrace her roots and begin developing a personal approach to performance. What emerges in her solo violin performances are raw, prismatic abstractions, hinting at times at the celtic, folk, roots and indie musics she grew up listening to in Atlantic Canada. At other times she delves into the sonic properties of the violin as one might approach a synthesizer. Each performance is improvised and unique. She is a member of Leo Svirksy’s The River Without Banks, Koen Nutters’ The Names collective, and has performed in Amsterdam with Charlemagne Palestine, Dante Boon, Aaron Lumley, and Jasper Stadhouders, among others.

Aaron Lumley is a Canadian double bass player who moved to Amsterdam in 2019. He is an exploratory musician with a deep interest in improvisation and the expressive sonic potential of the contrabass.  Tuning his bass in fifths, like a cello but one octave lower, Lumley’s bass playing deals equally with resonance, rhythm, texture and polyphony. He currently plays bass in Bioluminus (with Ada Rave and Onno Govaert), OAonTI (with John Dikeman, Marta Warelis and Sun Mi Hong), duos with Marielle Groven, Nora Mulder and Jasper Stadhouders, plus Leo Svirsky and the River Without Banks.  “Aaron Lumley Plays the Doghouse Bass” (STABLE WORKS), his latest solo record, was released at the Bimhuis in late 2019.

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.