The 2nd stop is Jupiter
FriApr 12, 2024
De Ruimte at Sexyland World
Noordwal 1

Doors 21:00, Music 21:30 tickets 10-20 (Sliding Scale, includes Sexyland Membership )
The second Friday of every month: 2nd Stop is Jupiter! Dancing to the wildest live music in town. This edition features The Ambush Party & the Mime Fabriek. Further line-up TBA.

The second Friday of every month: 2nd Stop is Jupiter! Dancing to the wildest live music in town. This edition features none other than EKE, The Ambush Party, trio Rave / Brouskari / Provan & the Mime Fabriek.

will present a special release on DOEK RAW. Now people don’t get nostalgic! EKE is a by now legendary band that hit the Amsterdam improv scene 14 years ago. The trio toured through Europe and Brazil. But so far their recorded history was very limited: only their first concert ever was released on CD through Red Note records: EKE live at the BIM. That will change now with this release of a great live-recording: A concert played in Rotterdam in a double bill with the ICP orchestra. Just back from a month in Brazil the band was in top shape. Perfect and inspiring conditions. Come and see them live at Sexyland.

(Also here we like to mention that Yedo Gibson is playing with his Portugal based trio Move on April 13 at Bimhuis as part of a great  Interplanetary Night)

There is something very special about first time ad hoc improv. Meaning groups that play improvised music and have not played in this particular formation before. Rave and Provan share long lasting collaborations as a duo and teaming up with dancers for interdisciplinary work. Lida Brouskari is hitting the scene at this very moment. rising star? more of a comet rocket lounge we’d say. We are looking forward to some fresh fresh improv with this brand new trio.

Ada Rave – saxophone, clarinet, voice, objects | Felicity Provan – trumpet, voice | Lida Brouskarie – piano and more

The Ambush Party returns to The 2nd Stop is Jupiter stage with their crazy cumbia impro latin stumble party extravaganza that will make your feet move in direction that are “IMPOSSIBLE TO PREDICT AND IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST”.  Misha Mengelberg cuuuuuuuumbiaaa! insulting content. sleezy tango, happy kwela, roaring raps and cello punk.

Natalio Sued – tenor sax, clarinet, voice | Harald Ausbtø – cello, voice | Oscar Jan Hoogland – piano, voice | Marcos Baggiani – drums, voice

MIMEFABRIEK: REYER VAN BARNEVELD / RITA BIFULCO: Shaky Vessels, Drowned pirates overflowing the public
Rita and Reyer will bring their imaginary memories and bottles of booze to activate the space as their unbalanced ship, only to unmask the different layers of madness that are present in the here and now. In this game of raiding territory between the performers and the audience, it’s unclear who exactly is the shark and who is the prey. Unstable, disoriented, blinded by the light, shaken by the storms and intoxicated by life on the land, their movements are inhabiting the past and launching themselves into the present, to restore drowned legacies of rebellion and new alternatives.

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst en onze Spaceholders