FriOct 13, 2023
De Ruimte
Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam

doors open 17:30, first course 17:30. concerts € 12,50, dinner € 22,50, concerts + dinner € 35,00.
On Friday Ditdit-dada-ditdit returns to the Distelweg for an untamed extended edition. Expect a 5-course dinner with a big variety of the most favourite courses, some highlight performances of all 44 editions and of course some new exciting surprises.

Soep van geroosterde pastinaak met gemarineerde amandelen

Geblakerde aubergine met balsamico, olijven en verse groene salade

Gerookte bietencreme met geblakerde bloemkool

Witte lasagne van knolselderij, dragon en champignons

Miso-peertje met zonnebloempittencrumble en Turkse yoghurt

Are both acknowledged improvisers in the Dutch jazz scene. In this duo they reveal another side of their musicality, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian and Turkish folk music, the jazz Avant Garde and dream pop. Their latest EP is called First Takes, and is a selection of ABBA covers. In fact, a big part of their repertoire is indeed that. Abba songs, reworked into the musical world of Teis and Sanem.

In this concert the duo will perform a blend of turkish music, danish folk music, songs, improvisations and ABBA songs.

Sanem Kalfa – voice | Teis Semey – guitar

Is a Dutch writer of fiction, essays and plays. He made his debut in 2021 with the novel Adoring Louis Claus. His personal essay Antiboy, a coming-of-gender about the intersection between intimacy and identity was published in 2022 and received four stars in the NRC Handelsblad. Valentijn has curated DITDIT-DADA-DITDIT for years and we are very happy that he will be here as a performer!

GODA ŽUKAUSKAITĖ: BONES (work in progress/research)
The collection of traces. Moving body meets the material which lasts after the movement stops. The past becomes present and a new life arises.  Collecting, constructing and dancing as the tribute to everyone and everything that was present before us.

Pianist & fortepianist Keiko Shichijo is a special voice in both the classical and new music worlds. Her traditional Japanese sensibilities combined with her knowledge of European (historical) performance practices shape her unique vision on music.. She had a beautiful performance during a crowded edition of the August edition of ditdit-dada-ditdit in 2017.

Keiko Shichijo – Piano

Metylpiano, contemporary music from before the war (with smokey notes), tired organs, squeaking bluesharp, ultrashort stamping songs and spit speeches. Fun is different, but nothing is more amusing than peculiar interpreted idiosyncrasies and sorrow in singular verses. Nora Mulder and Han Buhrs are Ensemble Extra Ordinair

Roan Kasanmonadi (1995) is a writer and modern dancer from Rotterdam. He studied medicine, philosophy and modern dance. In his poetry he connects the outer world with the inner world. He enjoys the interaction between abstract language and everyday associations with an occasional nod to pop culture. In addition to writing and performing poetry and spoken word, he creates dance performances with his collective ERROR 404.

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst en onze Spaceholders